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Makeover Photos
Our makeover photo shoots include a full makeup and hair styling session. This is because we believe our photo shoots are more than just that. This is a time for you to be pampered - a time for you to feel special and a time for you to take time for yourself!  

How often have you taken care of others yet have forgotten about yourself?  This is YOUR time - let us make it special for you!  

Come with no makeup on and your hair simply washed and dry. We will take care of the rest. You will work with one of our three professional hair stylists/makeup artists on staff. They will be sure to ask you first what your comfort level is, then go from there.

The photos shown here reflect what we can do with hair and makeup as well as what we are often asked to do with software to soften and brighten facial features should you decide that you want your photos edited. We can remove imperfections, wrinkles, brighten the eyes and so on, OR you can certainly request to maintain the photos as-is.  You will still look beautiful!