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Breast Cancer Survivors
Over the years I have come to know many women who are breast cancer survivors.  Hearing their stories, and knowing what my Aunt Katie Mae and my cousin Faye went through, just touches my heart.  Unfortunately, both my aunt and cousin (mother and daughter) passed away in 2008 and 2009, and it has become a passion of mine to honor their memories by providing free photo shoots for women who have survived yet have gone through so much to do so.   Going through chemotherapy, losing their hair, and in many cases their own identity as a woman, yet surviving cancer, is more than just the physical aspects. Many struggle to stay strong emotionally every day for their kids and husbands, so we believe these women deserve a little pampering, don't you? 

In order to provide this free service, every year we raise minimal funds to continue to do so.  Join us on Facebook to see when these events take place or simply contact us if you want to contribute towards this service.  You may also go to Stamped With Love, our non-profit organization supporting this effort, to find out more information.  Nothing is too small for women with such great courage.  

Survivor Spotlight - Lee S. 

How inspiring to meet a gal who LOVES life, her family and friends and can't smile enough.  Here's to you, girl!